MIST missed

Mist Missed

£325, with slip case £350, edition 25

Cover laminated to two depths covered in silvered buckram & foil blocked. Open spine sewn onto tapes. Printed letterpress onto Zerkhall paper, linocut, polymer plate & metal type. Images on Transclear printed inkjet. Text set in Gill Sans. Slipcase laminated to two depths covered in Khadi Paper.

Meghalaya ‘The Abode of the Clouds’ is the wettest place on earth. Its capital Shillong was a Hill Station and the capital of Assam under the British Raj. The book both physically & metaphorically embodies seeing through the mist of time. The archival images on tracing paper are of ephemera & photos brought back from India by my father from WW2 and mist the ‘present day images of Meghalaya’ produced from drawings I made on location.